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    Friday, September 19, 2008

    The Daily Online Video Fix: Star Wars For A Viral World

    What I love most about these two videos is how the handheld, amateur style is perfectly executed.  

    ***SPOILER ALERT***:   Watch the two videos before reading any further, unless you enjoy buzz kills.

    With Stabbing at Leia's 22nd Birthday Party, you completely buy that this is a high-school party getting out of control until the light-sabers are broken out. It's a great turn and the action is well shot and editing is tight. Congrats to the editor who really did a great job with the quick pacing of the piece. Most of all, the effects blend really well into the shakey cam video.

    Death Star Over SF is just a stunning piece of work that celebrates the often wondered fantasy "Dude, what if there was a Death Star instead of the moon?!" We get to see all our favorite machinery from the Star Wars movies displayed in real world settings. It's a geek dream come true. What I think works best is the laid back attitude the camera guy has about what he's filming, like it's no big deal. It's amateur cam at its finest and I just want to say to these filmmakers - BRAVO!

    I think what these videos prove, and I know there are more like these out there, is how the power of George Lucas's imagination continues to inspire us to this day. The fantasy/sci-fi genre really taps into our belief and dreams that there is something out in the universe much greater than ourselves. These two video do an excellent job of making us feel like we are kids again. Hope you enjoy!

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