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    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    Rainbow Over Los Feliz Towers

    Feb 9th, 2010. I captured this rare Los Angeles full rainbow with the Canon 7D at the end of a very stormy day. It was breathtaking. Music is from Gregg Fine's Hidden Tiger Music.

    My Trip To TED with Shira Lazar for

    Had a fun few hours yesterday at The TED Conference in Long Beach, CA with friend and fellow eGuiders, Shira Lazar. We were there to interview Jamie Oliver (chef, author and food activist) who just won the 2010 TED Prize. As we were walking to the press room, I was stunned at the creative and scientific minds that surrounded me.

    I was also able to say hi to buddy Robert Scoble, who is attending the whole event and I would be lying to say I was not envious of his free pass into the greatest conference in the world. I had 2 Blue Yeti Mics in the trunk of my Veggie Benz waiting for him, but as expected, Robert was buzzing around like a kid in a candy store...

    I thought Shira did a great job under the huge time constraints... The CNN crew and ABC's crew who were shooting Jamie Oliver's reality/documentary series were very cool. Not sure if we will make it into their cut of the show, but we did have a blast putting Jame to work on the second Kodak Zi8 HD camera. That guy has a steady hand. Nice shooting, Jamie. Shira also had a Zi8 and I was using the Canon 7D and recording audio separately on a Zoom.

    Here's the video, which looks surprisingly compressed on the site. Come on, CBS... Let's get that HD signal flowing...

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