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    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    The Daily Online Video Fix: Gay Town on Crackle really knocks it out of the park with this web-series.  For me, GAY TOWN is a great example of quality, original online entertainment.

    Owen Benjamin created and stars in this series about the life of a straight man living in a very gay town.    The success of this simple, high-concept comedy lies in its execution.  The acting is solid, the jokes work while not trying so hard and production value is on par with anything you would see on television.    However, underneath the surface, you can't help but catch the social message that is lurking in the closet. Yes, it's funny to watch a straight man get picked on, bullied, fired and outcast just because he's not like the other guys in town.  But then you begin to realize how it can be at times for homosexuals living in the real world and what they have to put up with their entire lives... Which is why I think GAY TOWN is more that just a funny comedy, it slyly turns homophobia on its ass and gives it a good spanking.  It takes a couple of episodes to get cranking, but I think the overall quality of these ten episodes really sets this series apart from the clutter. 

    Congrats to Owen and for producing an excellent series!  Hope season two is a good as the first.

    From Crackle: Gaytown: Episode 1