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    Friday, October 3, 2008

    The Daily Online VIdeo Fix: Lexus's L/Studio

    It's nice to see that certain branded entertainment is being targeted to an older, affluent, educated audience.  I was starting to think that only slick, porn parodies and renegade surfer viral ads were populating the Internet.

    L/Studio, Lexus's online video channel, was created to share culture, entertainment and design. Below are a few examples of some of the programming that I thought was compelling to share.

    All the content is well produced and very professional.    

    WEB THERAPY is a comedy series starring Lisa Kudrow from Friends fame.  She is a self-absorbed shrink who's short sessions take place over web cameras.   I thought they were funny for those who like there humor on the dry and dark side.  Don Roos an industry vet, co-wrote with Lisa Kudrow and directed the series.

    PUPPY LOVE is a trailer for an upcoming series about, you guessed it, puppies.   Looks cute for those who love small, fuzzy animals.  

    And finally, my favorite, is a clip of Ray Manzarek, keyboardist from The Doors, giving us a little "Light My Fire" on solo organ.  This is one of three clips.  Very cool.

    After watching, did I feel like buying a Lexus?  Not really.  But my respect for the car company went up a few notches.  And it did reinforce for me that their brand is associated with hi-quality, original products that push the norm.    Lexus should feel good about their effort with L/Studio.  Now, I just hope they get the eyeballs to justify creating more content.

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