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    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    The Daily Online Video Fix: The Genius Of PES

    I was thinking about my last post and was wondering what other online videos are on the internet that pay homage to games of our youth. Then I remembered the brilliant stop-motion animation short from PES called GAME OVER. To the side, is a still image from the short where we see the classic FROGGER in action.  CLICK HERE to check out this video that gives viewers a chance to relive those agonizing moments when the game was finally over.  It's not nostalgia that puts a smile on your face, but the playful ideas and blissful imagination behind the video that go into recreating these moments.  

    Check out his website to see the outrageous ROOF SEX.  But beware, this hot video is NSFW.   

    Below are a couple of my favorite PES shorts.   They are so sweet and delicious you just want to eat more and more and more - which is why I think artist known as Pes has chosen the perfect name.   Enjoy!!!

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