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    Thursday, October 2, 2008

    The Daily Online VIdeo Fix: Jesus Is My Friend

    In honor of Sarah Palin and the global economic crisis, I thought this online video - Jesus Is My Friend by Sonseed - is a perfect pick-me-up. The song is catchy, the message is pure and it really puts a smile on your face. It reminds me of some of the early tongue-and-cheek songs by Ray Davies and The Kinks.

    With over 850,000 views on YouTube, this is surely to become a classic video in no time.

    I hope Sonseed gets back together for a few more toe-tappin', faith-based tunes to turn all those frowns upside down.

    Paul Cibis, another fan of this video, had this to say about Jesus Is My Friend -

    When life gets you down and you find yourself in a panic about the economay collapsing, terrorism on the rise abroad, and hurricanes destroying our coasts, where is the one place you can always turn to bring peace and joy to your heart? 1980's public access white people playing Christian ska music!!! Everything about this video from the music, to the clothes, to the film stock is so uncool that it laps itself and becomes freaking awesome.

    Well said for sure. Hope you dig the vibe!

    1 comment:

    sima said...

    Is this for real???????..Jesus is definitely MY friend.