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    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    Back From SXSW: What A Long, Awsome Trip It's been!

    I'm finally getting settled and back into the work groove after 5 days of intense, mind-expanding conversations, introductions and celebrations in Austin.

    It's true that I Twittered more than I ever Twittered in my life and was partially responsible for crashing the AT&T servers. Whoops.

    While I did attend a handful of panel discussions and keynote addresses, I think the most interesting aspect of the SXSW conference was meeting people in the convention center hallways, the introductions at the parties and random conversations that were popping up everywhere...

    The highlight of the trip for me was hanging out at the Studios where they were streaming live video all day and evening long. This is where I was pulled into a panel with Jeff "The Dude" Dowd and Robert Scoble. Jeff is the real life Big Lebowski (Jeff helped launch the Cohen Bros first film, Blood Simple & is one of the founders of the Sundance Institute). Robert is a social media pioneer and celebrity blogger / photographer. After our discussion that night, we hit some great parties and met a ton of wonderful people.

    It was so powerful to be in a place where everyone with similar interests and passions converged to discuss, share and celebrate the web.

    Here are a couple of pics from Robert Scoble. I'll post another blog post soon about some other adventures and tweets from SXSW.


    jr7 said...

    thanks Marc but uh, did you enhance my boobs, cuz they can't be that big...or my back would hurt....right?

    Marc Ostrick said...

    No enhancements of any kind were done to this fine photo taken by Mr. Robert Scoble.