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    Tuesday, February 17, 2009 Gets Some Love

    Wow. What an exhilarating 24 hours...

    Today was a great day for, a new online video site that I launched in December. We had two really fantastic write ups from Mike Snider in the USA Today. We were also featured on ABC News and several other major publications.

    The first piece, "eGuiders cuts through clutter of a gazillion videos online" - was on the cover page of the Life section of USA Today. It establishes the mission of eGuiders as the "TV Guide for the Internet" and discussing the impetus for the site.

    The second piece - "eGuiders' human voice' leads the way to worthwhile videos" - highlights the human element that makes eGuiders unique and discusses the talent involved, including a sidebar of video suggestions from eGuiders.

    Following the USA Today article, ABC's Tech Bytes -- a consumer technology news site that is distributed to all ABC affiliates nationwide --
    featured the launch of eGuiders in a segment: "TV Guide' for Internet
    Videos - New Web site organizes the seemingly endless numbers of videos
    available online."

    eGuiders is currently one of the top tech stories on and is
    the lead segment on Tech Bytes.

    Last Friday, we were also very fortunate to have a mention in Time Magazine. The article is entitled "Viewing Outside The Box" and it looks at the various websites that are giving consumers additional choices for where they can watch their favorite programming online.

    We also got a great nod for eGuiders on David Bianculli’s blog, TV Worth Watching. The whole day was quite thrilling, full of hugs and high-fives...


    Art$uper$tar said...

    Mom and Dad called me to tell me that they were on a flight and reading the USA Today and came across the articles. They wanted me to tell you they were surprised and happy for you. Mazel Tov!!!!

    Marc Ostrick said...