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    Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    The Daily Online Video Fix: Sarah Palin Turkey Fiasco

    Yes, the election may be over, but the fun continues.  I thought for Thanksgiving, I would add this video which became an instant classic as soon as it hit the internet.  Thanks to John Rota for sending this out last week as soon it came online. 

    My lord, what a PR nightmare.  No matter how many times I watch this, I can not help but to burst out laughing.  And I still have no idea what she is saying!   This video just works on so many levels.  It captures the drama of life and death, it is a classic comedy of errors, it exemplifies Palin's "blissful ignroance", it couldn't be more topical and ultimately reinforces why this cooky governor from Alaska is not ready for prime-time.

    This holiday, I will be giving thanks that John McCain and Sarah Palin where not elected into office.   

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